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ART Gallery is now the new default page for starting up in.. don't worry the FORUMS page is still there for you all to post your posts on.. it just seems like this is less confusing to start out with simple art gallery besides this is a ART COMMUNE the main reason we are here so I like it better this way to give our ARTISTS more exposure.. the posts and forums page is still there just click the forum TAB

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  • 4donalds002
    should i give up on trying to sell my art so hard i mean i have been pressureing people a bit i think and thats not good.let it go let them buy if they want or else let them be
  • 4donalds002
    how awesome 60s this is.. takes me back in time a bit.. oh i love ARD abstractsrename this piece and win 
  • DSCF4301
    great kitty cat drawing amost look like my miss daisy the eyes are like said i miss you
  • DSCF4215
    vety cute dog like it a lot
  • DSCF3244
    wow great hand drawing it is said the human hand is one of the hardest thing to draw what a great job

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