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donmeek.com/forums does not work no more for logging it I have changed the board to 777microtheater.com/forums So if your address bar says donmeek.com/forums you wont be able to log in.. try either Http://77microtheater.com or http://donmeek.com or the main link is http://seattleartcommune.com to get to the right screens

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  • Square Rain Painting
    Square Rain Painting
    I think this is one of the most sucessful uses of a abstraction ever.
  • Flower 2015
    Flower 2015
    wonderful depth of field love the focus on the one flower super
  • Flowers 013
    Flowers 013
    nice composition of the flowers fine exposure and look very nice thanks for sharing
  • cubistcup
    I did very minimal shading on this drawing just the eyes have it is all nothing else.. or is it ALL ELSE is straight line.NO! thats not it exactly either.well very little shading is all you will se...
  • MRkittycoffee
    Awwwwwww so cute

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