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Guests Welcome Please consider registering so you can post and other things. I know you can read most all the forums but there are many things on here to do when a member
Its free and only takes a min with limited inforomation you need.
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Hello Guest,
Dear Guests you can now again post in the lobby and a few other places
It would be nice to rid yourself of this screen and register.
I am hoping you will join and take full benefit of all our forums
It only takes a min to register find the create account at top right of screen
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Thanx 4 Communing

Happy Communing ENJOY... but first you should know we now back up the database every night at 5PM or more often if i am tinkering with the apps and such.. so now the loss will be at most a day or so if even that.. could be a hour of loss while i tinker and check to make sure it all is working.. also I would love if you would SUPPORT THE ARTS this site in particular by purchasing a dollar download or print from OPTIC ROCKS http://opticrocks.com You of course can use the SUPPORT tab >DONATIONS to make a donation of any amount. Soon to come forums that you can read and post too with a certain amount of donation.. now its set at 10.01 to get 777 status you can also get VIP/777 status with Credits in the store too.. the credits store has a special VIP/777 status only area to buy even more fun stuff.. look in GAMES tab for Credits see how you can get FREE real items.. for credits only.. earn them many ways up to 300 credits per action! Get your free real life items for credits only. Our Commune now has Social Groups find it in the MEMBERS tab..you can make your own group with up to 5 forums of your very own. Name your forums anything you like.



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777 NEWS

  • Three Artists Escape: ALERT three artists escape and are found on 777 MicroTheater web pages.. Shannon Kringen, Loren Smedburg and Jewelnymph if you see then download their ART
  • Credits: Now you get 7 to 100 Credits for each post its not money its CREDITS check the credits in games tabs for more info
  • My Sidebar: My side bar is all mine changes every once in a while check it out in the side bar
  • NEWBIE ALERT: find out how to post a topic in the NEWS below (scroll way down past forums for news , or in the side bar too also there are INFO news and help pages for members and artists in the forums below
  • ARTISTS: Find 10 pieces you like and FEATURE them.. only you can do this. find out how in the FAQ
  • YOUR WEBSITE HERE: place your website here and a link... anyone got a website? ask ADDY for more info
  • 999,682: More members to go to reach the MILLION mark.. we can do it.
  • KIMMY: Will she ever get logged on find more info in K.I.S.S.
  • November 16th: NEW Quiz system tab for the new quizzes and make your own quiz!!!! NEWS tab for HELP and the news!!!! Yippie we now have classifieds put your add in sell your new/used things
  • STORMM ROCKS: Click here see it STORMM they rock by the way.. I know
  • ANNIE GRGICH: CLICK HERE for more cool art by a old friend of mine
  • NEWS tab: we have a all new NEWS under the whats new tab with help and general news feel free to write your own news all about yourself in the general section or add a news help file if you like also
  • MARY: We Love the Mary my dear friend and hope she gets better and better soon Get well Mary
  • November 4th 2013: Thats the day 777MicroTheater started we really haven't been up that long now I hope to get few more artists and many more members
  • Start New Topic tab: Find the start new topic tab the easier way to start a topic just click and pick a forum to post in simple takes you right to the post page do it now if your a newbie or not
  • FAQ: the new way to find help files see our FAQ tab or click here
  • Joh Behrens: Click here for more of Jon's work he did oil and light find it in the video section
  • VIDEOS: now we have a VIDEO tab find it upload your own videos or link youtube and others
  • Elections: Every 6 months we have elections.. nominate yourself (you can for 3 months) then VOTE for 3 months..
  • RIDDLE: whats half of a X and half of a Zero?
  • answer: 5
  • PUZZLE: 777 is just like a puzzle not so easy to navigate but keep trying there are like 100s of things to do on here.
  • go to FORUMS: CLICK here to head to the FORUM or find the FORUM tab
  • LAST POST: click here for LAST POST page.. you will like it 15 new posts in a nice lay out of pics and such.
  • Seattle Art Commune: New Domain New Logo...welcome to seattleartcommune.com
  • NEW TABS: Put in new tabs they are more organized hope you like them
  • Mrsgg's good grub: the best recipes ever.. look at her forum for awesome food ideas I have cooked some and they so fine.. she gets them off the net and posts them in here Thanks MRSGG
  • Loren Smedburg: Thanks to Loren for Uploading his art work on a regular basis. Go look at his fine realistic drawings.
  • Twitter IT: Artists be sure to Twitter your art and other shares it helps get guests on here looking at your work.. I will tweet them for you also but you can tweet them and should be proud of your work just do it
  • Art 4 Auction: Now get Donald Meek's Drawings for cheap bids usually start at one dollar go bid find the Art 4 Auction tab in Seattle Art Commune TAB
  • Real life items in credit shop: click here to go to shop for real life items for credits only
  • 1 year old: It's our birthday very soon.. we are going to be one year old
  • Interview: Look for a red MIC icon up near your nic on the top right of the screen if you see it that means I want a interview with you.. click it and answer then questions

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  • And Another
    And Another
    i like this has elements of abstract nature in it... its a quick pose i know.. very niceits so free and easy.. looking
  • fitme
    sex sells it figures this would be the highest viewed of all your photos and art on here
  • shoes4profile
    more of my art: http://shannonkringen.com/
  • fitme
    more of my art: http://shannonkringen.com/
  • who could this be now?
    who could this be now?
    Looks like Shannon one of our favorite artists on here..very nicely done

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