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I thank the many guests that visit each month.
I am very thankful for the diehard guests that have been with us and stay around regardless of our ways.
We have seen the number of visits decline a lot yet the number of page views going up.
So people are staying put more and reading more.
Thank you guest for being around.
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donmeek.com/forums does not work no more for logging it I have changed the board to 777microtheater.com/forums So if your address bar says donmeek.com/forums you wont be able to log in.. try either Http://77microtheater.com or http://donmeek.com or the main link is http://seattleartcommune.com to get to the right screens

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  • smallfacepaint
    Shannon OOOOHHHH GODDESS KRINGyou are the most lovely in this photo is it lighting?awesomeness plus a few extra for beautyyou should be able to sell this one i am surecant believe they aren't knock...
  • 8350695215 44876ac943 K
    8350695215 44876ac943 K
    shannon is a most prolific artistI would suggest getting a print of this and sending it to me..thanks
  • face2
    I really LOVE this one I might just ask for a print of this.
  • Stephen Voyles
    Stephen Voyles
    The Art of Stephen Voyles Page Liked · March 20 ·    Made damn sure my throat was cut. Demon made soulless Saint. I'm a brain drained youth with a heart for...
  • Stephen Voyles
    Stephen Voyles
    The Art of Stephen Voyles Page Liked · March 30 ·    Tuesday's tits Shoved into my face. A bottle down  And slit wrists.  Waiting room memory Follo...

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