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Thanx 4 Communing

Happy Communing ENJOY... but first you should know we now back up the database every night at 5PM or more often if i am tinkering with the apps and such.. so now the loss will be at most a day or so if even that.. could be a hour of loss while i tinker and check to make sure it all is working.. also I would love if you would SUPPORT THE ARTS this site in particular by purchasing a dollar download or print from OPTIC ROCKS http://opticrocks.com You of course can use the HELP tab >DONATIONS to make a donation of any amount. Soon to come forums that you can read and post too with a certain amount of donation.. now its set at 10.01 to get 777 status more about this later

Are you a ARTIST?
Come join us and get a catagory on the opening ART Gallery page.
Its easy just ask addy.


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  • Gage 5.12.2014
    Gage 5.12.2014
    this one doesn't have the sepia tone to it.Is it different paper?
  • Gage 4.27.2014
    Gage 4.27.2014
    your sense of shading is so fine
  • May 4 2014
    May 4 2014
    very nice lovely... I like it its a bit different pose from most of the ones you do
  • 3.21.2014
    very nice i see most all your portraits are from the side view..
  • donaldhat002
    thanks mary this is a old photo about 5 years ago

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