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Addys Best Forums and places on here...



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Very little used artist forums our artists are being shy about forums not sure why




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I thank the many guests that visit each month.
I am very thankful for the diehard guests that have been with us and stay around regardless of our ways.
We have seen the number of visits decline a lot yet the number of page views going up.
So people are staying put more and reading more.
Thank you guest for being around.
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My art sales support this sitecurrently accepting donations of any size.. every cent mattersthank you for supporting the arts

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  • Stephen Voyles
    Stephen Voyles
    The Art of Stephen Voyles Page Liked · March 20 ·    Made damn sure my throat was cut. Demon made soulless Saint. I'm a brain drained youth with a heart for...
  • Stephen Voyles
    Stephen Voyles
    The Art of Stephen Voyles Page Liked · March 30 ·    Tuesday's tits Shoved into my face. A bottle down  And slit wrists.  Waiting room memory Follo...
  • Stephen Voyles
    Stephen Voyles
    you should sell some card series of these images
  • chinese out
    chinese out
    If Art is the Stain of Living then this is ART!
  • Waves in Puget Sound
    Waves in Puget Sound
    find this one cropped on the art ad pages 

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