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Hello Guest

I thank the many guests that visit each month.
I am very thankful for the diehard guests that have been with us and stay around regardless of our ways.
We have seen the number of visits decline a lot yet the number of page views going up.
So people are staying put more and reading more.
Thank you guest for being around.
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welcome to 777

I hope your stay here is a good one. I try to make this a FUN place to hang out.

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SEPT 2016 filmstrip006


SEPT 2016

SEATTLE ART COMMUNE might become just       ART COMMUNE!


even though we cant afford the rights to the domain artcommune.com

we might just change all the logos around on SAC to just be ART COMMUNE

I will work on that slowly and get it done

adding the city name got 32K visits a day to start with that month it started up

we are down to about 200 visits a day now with less unique visitors also.

we are changing things UP a bit since we went from 1k to 200 per day visits

since JANuary this year.

its slow but then its been slow this year for other online things also.

I just Checked and we are getting 300 to 400 or so visits a day with 3338 unique visitors a month

this month was 1,699,182 page views thats a bit of page views

so we are doing fine for AUGUST 2016

I am happy even though the unique visitors was cut in half more or less

the page views skyrocketed and they are most for a few months now

thanks to viewers like you

bless our regular members also for being logged in

we need our regular members back