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I thank the many guests that visit each month.
we might convert to new software in a few days we might be off line for a day or two at that time if any that we do this

I am very thankful for the diehard guests that have been with us and stay around regardless of our ways.
Thank you, guest, for being around.

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Thanks for Communications

SeattleArtColony.com is coming your way..... Commune is left of center colony perhaps right thereof. We join with the Art Commune in becoming a COLONY we are 12 COLONISTS...!!!!! come join us. I always wanted a commune yet now have a colony to deal with. I can not do it alone we do need 12 Colonists to join and write post be a part of the scene. WE that is US have been a commune in name only I think for 3 years now and we did grand at one point in time we had 32000 visits on a day and overloaded our servers. then a month or two later down to about 1k a day in visits well now we lucky to get 500 visits a day we feel awesome. I personally love any guest visits besides the stats I love you all for coming to our site
We might in a few days convert the software to New Version meaning losing all the 3rd party apps. the site maybe is offline or not working correctly for a few days Please visit http://micro.theater for new site new software. i am not sure i want to convert to the new software on here yet NO i don't think so i think the site as it look is the art of design to me over years of adding apps I don't want to ruin that i will continue with this site for as long as possible if I could.I want you all to continue now as is with this site go as as normal artists and all... if you want to be a member of the new site let me know email me at addy@seattleartcommunen.com NOTICE we have been getting errrors lately on the forum page mostly but not just that mostly some photos are not loading but other problems at times hope you can bear with us this software is over 3 years old and no longer supported this site may disintgrate at anytime and need to be taken down or revamped

ART Commune

do it for the good of the people Humanity will love you

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Seattle Art Commune and 777Microtheater welcome you


Seattle Art Commune

Welcome to SAC/777 the site with Artists and YOU!

Seattle Art Commune

We are a art commune and why? I think I want everyone to feel welcome and have fun on the site. It’s all about getting YOU and the ARTIST together there for its for everyone not just artists. It;s our goal to have 12 artists a year join up and also to have many people members posting your posts. What’s going on in your life? Feel free to post whatever you like. It don’t have to be art oriented to have fun. Our top poster Mrsgg posts a lot of recipes and that’s so grand. We LOVE posts about anything.

Both Seattle Art Commune and 777 Microtheater are here for YOU.

SAC is the artists gallery where the 777 tab is for forums. Lets get together and have some fun ART and POSTS.

Awesome jewelry


The best in multi media art

Shannon Kringen

Wonderful drawings come check them out

Loren Smedburg

Our Artists

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