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Hello Guest

I thank the many guests that visit each month.
I am very thankful for the diehard guests that have been with us and stay around regardless of our ways.
We have seen the number of visits decline a lot yet the number of page views going up.
So people are staying put more and reading more.
Thank you guest for being around.
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NEW Default page

ART Gallery is now the new default page for starting up in.. don't worry the FORUMS page is still there for you all to post your posts on.. it just seems like this is less confusing to start out with simple art gallery besides this is a ART COMMUNE the main reason we are here so I like it better this way to give our ARTISTS more exposure.. the posts and forums page is still there just click the forum TAB

777 NEWS

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Seattle Art Commune and 777Microtheater welcome you


Seattle Art Commune

Welcome to SAC/777 the site with Artists and YOU!

Seattle Art Commune

We are a art commune and why? I think I want everyone to feel welcome and have fun on the site. It’s all about getting YOU and the ARTIST together there for its for everyone not just artists. It;s our goal to have 12 artists a year join up and also to have many people members posting your posts. What’s going on in your life? Feel free to post whatever you like. It don’t have to be art oriented to have fun. Our top poster Mrsgg posts a lot of recipes and that’s so grand. We LOVE posts about anything.

Both Seattle Art Commune and 777 Microtheater are here for YOU.

SAC is the artists gallery where the 777 tab is for forums. Lets get together and have some fun ART and POSTS.

Awesome jewelry


The best in multi media art

Shannon Kringen

Wonderful drawings come check them out

Loren Smedburg

Our Artists

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