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My Teal Page

Welcome to my teal page

I sure having fun with HTML, I will learn more and put more in my pages soon.

These pages will change as I learn more. Watch for who knows what sidebar type things perhaps.

Just one step at a time as I go on in my book HTML and CSS for dummies

I LOVE this so fun and exciting at the same time.

My Art Start

So I started out very young making cardboard sculptures at about age 7.

About age 12ish I started taking photos, then soon I was developing my own film as a teenager.

Then at about 14yo I started doing LIGHT SHOWS for rock bands. the last band being the Fish Sticks at about age 18

Large xerox paintings was MY THING in my 20's

Why a Art Commune?

Do I assume most artists are like me, and love to show off thier work?

When I was a teen, HIPPIES and COMMUNES did fasinate me to a great point.

I did live in a sort of commune but not really was more a group house but close enough

It was just a few people like 5 in a big house we shared the bills is all. So NOT a real COMMUNE really.

I like the idea of having a online art commune for ALL to enjoy and for artists to show and sell thier works

Email..if this works for you

then there is a other new page here. My New Page runs on my site so will be directed there

my new page