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we might convert to new software in a few days we might be off line for a day or two at that time if any that we do this

I am very thankful for the diehard guests that have been with us and stay around regardless of our ways.
Thank you, guest, for being around.

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SeattleArtColony.com is coming your way..... Commune is left of center colony perhaps right thereof. We join with the Art Commune in becoming a COLONY we are 12 COLONISTS...!!!!! come join us. I always wanted a commune yet now have a colony to deal with. I can not do it alone we do need 12 Colonists to join and write post be a part of the scene. WE that is US have been a commune in name only I think for 3 years now and we did grand at one point in time we had 32000 visits on a day and overloaded our servers. then a month or two later down to about 1k a day in visits well now we lucky to get 500 visits a day we feel awesome. I personally love any guest visits besides the stats I love you all for coming to our site
We might in a few days convert the software to New Version meaning losing all the 3rd party apps. the site maybe is offline or not working correctly for a few days Please visit http://micro.theater for new site new software. i am not sure i want to convert to the new software on here yet NO i don't think so i think the site as it look is the art of design to me over years of adding apps I don't want to ruin that i will continue with this site for as long as possible if I could.I want you all to continue now as is with this site go as as normal artists and all... if you want to be a member of the new site let me know email me at addy@seattleartcommunen.com

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Regular Members

Posted by Addy in addy's Blog, 10 January 2017 - - - - - - · 48 views
members, guests, others, you, me and 1 more...

Regular Members Regular members
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
12:29 PM
We seem to this last year lack in regular members to post and such
Not sure what is going on
here.. Perhaps It all my fault somehow
that I was too pushy and wanting more posts
Or was it the help I was giving them not needed perhaps
I not sure
Can I whine here?
We want
regular member who like to post.
You can be from anywhere not just the states
You can be a beginning to advanced artist or not an artist at all
We might make you
a artist if you're not already
We do want some regulars
The few I had left
I personally upset at least one of them
Oh well so it goes
Can't live with em can't live without em
Anyways artist or writer or either or none come along
Play with us
Be a part of something
Spend 15 mins
Your 15 mins of fame perhaps you can spend on here
We still get good traffic and wonderful page views
Hope you sign up sign in log in post and do the most
Remember you get token rewards on here for your posts
A few credits is all not
much pennies
Did the credit system ruin the members?
It was an active credit system with amounts fluxing lots during a few months
I bumped up the credits per post an extra amount
Anyways we welcome you as a guest and you can remain a guest we love you we do
Yet if you wanted more to play more games see more things and express yourself via an ART COMMUNE
Then please join up and become a regular
We all will thank you

You want to take over for me?
Peace love
Donald :iconcupcolored:

Addy cupone cuptwo cupone


crochet as an art form

Posted by keeperofdragon in men can crohet too, 01 August 2016 - - - - - - · 112 views

Crochet as an art form


There are two forms of crocheting the can be consider an art form.

  • Is done with multitude of color yarns or crochet cotton normal done in single crochet. You can take a drawing or photo if you can make a graphic like on graphic paper you can make a nice crochet copy of it. Each square will be one single crochet. I have done cute nursery rhymes pillows top and never sweater front for kids and afghan squares patterns too
  • The second type is usually crochet with crochet cotton or thin yarns and it call fillet crochet it all chain stitch and double crochet normal done it one color
I seen the last supper done in fillet and many famous painting done it the I have done many wall pictures and table cloth and bed spread in fillet. The graphic of fillet look like blank square and dot each dot is 2 double crochet and each blank square is a 2 or 3 chain stitch to make a empty space. Fillet have a lace look to it and it can be small or very large pieces I have seen in art museum that take up a whole wall and done by one person but it take them many years to complete.


Every Member an Artist

Posted by Addy in 777 Microtheater news, 31 July 2016 - - - - - - · 103 views
member as artist, member, artist

Every Member an Artist
Sunday, July 31, 2016
3:01 PM
Hey its Every Member an Artist Week!
Where every member on here is considered an artist
That’s YOU!
You're an artist for a day!
Or is it a week!
So pick up a pencil and draw me something stat
Post it on here somewhere in forums or gallery or downloads
Let me find it and comment
You could win some credits to spend.
Every member an artist month
Yeah let's make it a month I think
To get everyone some time
Artist of the month surprise will be a member!



Posted by keeperofdragon in keeperofdragon's Blog, 19 February 2016 - - - - - - · 191 views

dragons have been part of mans memories before man even thout of god, gods goddress the monster in the earth and in the skies and deep water i beleive the man invented the gods and goddress to proctect themself from there own fears.poeple have seen dragons in many diffent thing like snake , lizards, and other creatures of the world look at the many myths in the world many invole some form of a dragon there are many names of dragons as there are storie and myths
harry potter , greek myth, even in chistian stories have dragons of some kinds
you may ak are there still dragon around i said yes just look at some of the stories like harry potter and even in ongs too we tell to kids and in many books dragons are part of man brains just like god and goddress the man invented
you cannot have light without darkness dragon in many cases is the darkness of man mind and gods and goddrees are the light in man minds


how to...start a blog

Posted by donald in Members blog, 31 July 2015 - - - - - - · 297 views
blog, start a blog, how to

how to start a blog on the main blog page find mange blogs
click that its on the right side
then find create blog click that
check the box to agree to terms
click submit
then find your blog next time when it says blog entry


Alone for You

Posted by HollyParker in Holly Parker's Words, 29 April 2015 - - - - - - · 479 views

Well here are several blues/soul songs I've wrote. They are not the best,
but I really enjoyed writing them. I love metaphors and I love using them
to portray a feeling I want someone else to understand. I can't wait to
record them with their melodies!

"Start Again"

Born into a fake world
Sometimes I want to cry
Planes you bet they'll always fly
You can see them up in the great big sky
I don't like wearing shoes
But I think my feet are ugly
My nails are pink
Ah, My hair is blonde
Used to catch frogs out of ponds

So what if I can't sing
So what if I cant dance
So what if I have no money
Know how to take a chance
Please show me how to be myself
I don't know who I am
Can i please just start again
Oh why oh why can't i start again

I used to believe in xmas
Dressed up for halloween
Used to believe in jesus
My hearts broken into pieces
Give me coffee, technology
Hold my hand for just a minute
I want to feel the peace
For once with no limits

So what if I can't sing
So what if I can't dance
So what if I have no money
Know how to take a chance
Please show me how to be myself
Idon't know who I am
Please hel me start again
Oh why, oh why can't i start again

Now I don't know myself
And I don't know you
Can you help me remember
How to not be so blue

So what if I can't sing
So what if I can't dance
So what if I have no money
How to take a chance
Plase show me how to be myself
I don't know who I am
Please help me start again
Oh how will I start again

"Someone to Hold"

You know this whiskey ain't killin
The fear of flyin for me
But it's killin me just for the flight
I'm going to San Francisco
Where the sun always shines
They say home is where the heart is
But I don't know where my home is

I've told myself a story
Is it fiction, is it true
Is what I'm feelin
Somethin' I believe in
Or is it just the gin
I don't know what i've been told
But I still need someone to hold

The plane is shakin
My heart is breakin
She's so sweet
Workin' on her feet
I wonder if she likes what she does
Now I'm laughin' with my friend
This pen was on a lend
From the girl with lips so red
Thank you darlin'
For your kindness
But I'm feelin sick again

I've told myself a story
Is it fiction is it true
Is what I'm feelin
Something I believe in
Or is it just the gin
I don't know what I've been told
But I still need someone to hold

Coffee maybe
Cigarette, baby
But I can't smoke on the plane
Writin this song
Could I be wrong
This flight wasn't all that long

I've told myself a story
Is it real or is it fake
Is what I'm feelin'
Something I believe in
Or is it just the gin
I don't know
What I've been told
But I need someone to hold me

"Milk & Cookies"

Two years went by
I thought we were done the first time
Thought I'd die
But it ws the second time around
That made me cry
Made me cry

I hate to say goodbye
But you won't change
Unless I turn away
I never asked you for much
And you weren't doin' no heelin
Out there smokin and dealin

You loved me
I loved you
Can't you see we were never meant to be
Cause what we see in the movies
Ain't always milk and cookies
Love don't always work out like it should

Now we could've, should've, would've
Got through all those bad times
But we can't go back
Thats why I hit the road jack
So long jack
I ain't comin back
You know I'll miss those big blue eyes
Never told a lie
Sang me "You Are My Sunshine"
And you were always good with ryhmes
You were always good with ryhmes
Can't get you off of my mind
All I can do is cry
Ooo baby
You were my kind of guy

You loved me
I loved you
Can't you see
We were never meant to me
Cause what we see in the movies
Ain't all milk & cookies

You loved me
I loved you
Can't you see
We were never meant to be
Cause what you see in the movies
Ain't always milk & cookies
Love don't, Love don't
Always work out like it should

"Oo Baby"

I wanna love ya
But I can't now
Cause you're gone
Did you leave me all alone
Ooo baby
Why did you leave me all alone

I know you didn't mean
What you said to me
When we were last
We were last together
Ooh na na na na
I can't wait to see you again
I wanna feel you touch me
I wanna feel you love me
I wanna make you want more of me
Every day
OO you know I'm not the one
But I love ya anyways
Oh yes I do

Ooo baby when you leave me
I wanna just break down and die
Oh you know that I can't leave wih you
I can never leave without you
Next to me
By my side
Oooh don't you ever
Leave, no no no

"Think Of You"

I, I want to tell you
Something about myself
I want to let you know
Baby, where did you go
I need you so
I need you so much, baby
Where did you go
I remember in the kitchen
You would always tell me
That you loved me so much

You used to wrap your arms around my waist
And kiss me tenderly
You used to tell me that you'd miss me
If I would ever leave
I hope when you hear this song
You think of me
Because that's all I ever do is think of you
That's all I ever do
Is think of you

I told you that I didn't want you maybe
You told me that you'd always love me, baby
I'll never forget those big blue eyes
That bright blonde hair
That big white smile
I'm sorry I made you blue

You used to tell me
It was forever
I used to tell you
Don't you ever say never
I miss you
I miss you

You used to wrap your arms around my waist
And kiss me tenderly
You used to tell me that you'd miss me
If I would ever leave
I hope when you hear this song
You think of me
Because that's all I ever do is think of you
That's all I ever do
Is think of you

When I working at Subway some time ago:
Tonight I'm about to leave for a job I absolutely hate, but I'm helping a good friend so I'm somewhat alright. I feel all over the place this evening and slightly angry and irritated. So I wrote whatever came to my head as I usually do. It's nonsense really, but I like that. Alright, here we go!

Every night
I sit alone
Thinking, mind racing
I can't stop pacing
I could leave
I could stay
But how far can I really get

So many people
I could be with right now
But only one's seen
Knows my heart
They're gone
I'm empty
Like white on canvas

Could you draw me
Can you fill me in
Stay in the lines
Stay if I cry
See me inside
Nothing like my out

I have so many questions
No one can answer
Not even myself
A conclusion
I don't fu*king know

Am I happy alone
Was I happy with you
9 out of 10
I was blue
And yes
I wrote this for you

I hope everyone is enjoying their evening. I feel a lot better myself and I think I can start my shift with a better attitude.


Honeymoons over.

Posted by Addy in Nutrient Diet, 06 November 2014 - - - - - - · 525 views
health, diet, nondiet, non diet

Maybe the EX wife is right I won't last a month on this new NON diet.
I have been on it over a month now yet last night I just didnt want my veggies didnt want a salad really and when i had it didnt enjoy it much.
maybe the honeymoon is over and I might slip back into not liking salads much if any.
not sure
maybe some different type dressings would help.
I did this morning make a very good fruit smoothie
I missed my fruit yesterday not sure why
we will see its just one day that happened will see how it goes already this morning i am wanting some veggies. a salad.
so maybe it fixed it self and will get back on track today.
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