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I thank the many guests that visit each month.

We are going into READ only and GUEST MODES
please do not attempt to log in or post anything anywhere
some items that require input will be disabled

I am very thankful for the diehard guests that have been with us and stay around regardless of our ways.
Thank you, guest, for being around.

VISIT http://micro.theater for new site
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Thanks for Communications

SeattleArtColony.com is coming your way..... Commune is left of center colony perhaps right there of. We join with the Art Commune in becoming a COLONY we are 12 COLONISTS...!!!!! come join us. I always wanted a commune yet now have a colony to deal with. I can not do it alone we do need 12 Colonists to join and write post be a part of the scene. WE that is US have been a commune in name only i think for 3 years now and we did grand at one point in time we had 32000 visits on a day and overloaded our servers. then a month or two later down to about 1k a day in visits well now we lucky to get 500 visits a day we feel awesome. I personally love any guest visits besides the stats I love you all for comming to our site
We are freezing the site due to hackers please if you find any spam do not click on it. the rest of the site will be availible in READ only mode.. visit http://micro.theater or find in family websites Seattle Art Group PLEASE do not attempt to log in we are in GUEST mode only and NO posting no more see new site for that. This Software is outdated and no longer supported so we will freeze the site here. We are just going into READ only mode so you can enjoy what we did for the past 3.33 years! Now onto the new site Micro.Theater soon to be renamed i am sure Seattle Art Group

New Address for 777

donmeek.com/forums does not work no more for logging it I have changed the board to 777microtheater.com/forums So if your address bar says donmeek.com/forums you wont be able to log in.. try either Http://77microtheater.com or http://donmeek.com or the main link is http://seattleartcommune.com to get to the right screens

777 NEWS

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Name Item Cost Sold

IPB board software

$180 dollar value of IPB software just like what I use here on Seattle Art Commune. forums only you can add all the extras like store blogs etc as you wish.
180,000 0

nightmare before christmas collectors dvd

Nightmare before Christmas collectors dvd used not blueray!!! its a regular dvd
30,000 0

Crayolas box of 64

Box of 64 Crayolas after purchase send this to ADDY with your shipping address
10,000 0

$5 worth of starbucks

$5 on a starbucks card after purchase send this to ADDY then check your email
6,000 1

handcolored post card

Handcolored postcard by Donald Meek after purchase send this to ADDY with your shipping address
5,000 0

3.5 X 5 Print your choice

Your Choice from Optic Rock of a 3.5 X 5 inch print.. after purchase send this to ADDY with your shipping address and get more details of how to choose your print
2,000 0

2x3 inch wallet size print of addys choice

ADDYs choice of a 2x3 inch wallet size print to send you.. after purchase send this to ADDY with your shipping address..
1,000 0

Seattle Art Commune Postcard

one Seattle Art Commune post card hand written sent via the mail as a post card
330 0

Support the ARTS with a $5 donation to SAC

Support the ARTS with a $5 donation to the area of the ARTS for SAC/777 you like or wish to donate too
5,500 3

cash in points from slot machine

cash you points from slot machine in for credits here.. then send this to addy use the item send to addy all your points will be transfered to credits to shop in this store you will have have to earn a few points by posting to play the slot machine again cause you will have no points
1,200 1

$5 amazon card

$5 amazon card sent via email Use this item sent to addy
7,000 1

$10 Amazon card

$10 amazon card sent in email USE this item to addy
14,000 4

unisex earthtone bracelet

bracelet see in store for full details
21,000 0

Round Maille and Box Chain

two chains choose one USE this item with text to addy which one you want
20,000 0


rainbow see the pictures in the jewelnymph art gallery
20,000 0

Crystal Dreams

find this item in jewelnymph art gallery category
20,000 0

3/1 half persian

find more about this in jewelnymph art gallery
20,000 0

Butterfly Weave

see more about it in Jewelnymph art gallery
20,000 0

1500 pal credits

1500 pal credits $50 value
55,000 0

500 pal talk credits

500 pal talk credits $20 value
24,000 2

Roku 2

brand new Roku 2 player
70,000 0


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